Activities for SDGs

Activities for SDGs - Start with what you can

CINP 2024 endorses the efforts of
the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

CINP2024 will offer a special menu featuring MSC/ASC certified fish at the Welcome Reception on 23 and the Farewell Party on 26. Enjoy the food and the opportunity to think about the marine environment and its resources.

CINP2024 special menu with MSC/ASC certified ingredients by the Imperial Hotel

23 May at the Welcome Reception
Gratin à la Florence with MSC certified Snapper and ASC certified prawns

26 May at Farewell Party
Poire niçoise with MSC certified sea bream

What is MSC?
The MSC 'Marine Ecolabel' is a seal of approval given to natural seafood caught in properly managed, sustainable fisheries that are sensitive to marine resources and the environment.
Learn more about MSC (

What is ASC?
Sustainable seafood means the world to us. That is why we are setting the standard for seafood farmed with care. We promote responsible seafood farming as a contributory solution in helping feed the world’s population with care for our planet and people.
Learn more about ASC (


Installation of Water Dispensers

Water dispensers will be available at the venue during the congress from May 23 (Thu) - 26 (Sun). Participants are encouraged to bring and use their own bottles and cups whenever possible to reduce waste emissions.
※Thank you for your cooperation in reducing plastic bottle waste.

Presenting special mug bottles

As an action to encourage participants to actively participate in CINP's SDGs program, early registrants will be provided with a special mug bottle absolutely free of charge. By using these bottles during the congress, participants can contribute to the reduction of waste emissions.

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